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Mental Health First Aid

I’m deep into preparation for teaching my first Mental Health First Aid class June 3rd.  I am passionate about mental and emotional health.  The church has ignored the importance of this aspect of who we are far too long.  I’m an advocate for the body of Christ on its importance.  To be fully alive is to be fully connected in body, soul and spirit.  Whenever either of those are out of whack, we become disjointed.  Life becomes disjointed and the life of Christ within is dimmed.

I pray the Father will use this passion of mine to encourage and help keep all of us free from those things in life that can bind and hold us hostage.  I hope many will take this course and be equipped to help themselves and others they come in contact with family, friend or stranger.

All things done for His glory~

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So I think it was 2010 when the news broke!  Unfortunately I was doing a dance around diabetes for some time.  I would change my eating habits only temporarily.  After the diagnosis, I went on a health kick and brought my numbers back into the normal range.  Unfortunately again, that didn’t last for a lifetime, not because I don’t think it was possible, but for my lack of discipline.

So here I am again, back on the wagon and hoping to stay on top of it again.  Writing about this journey helps to keep me accountable and I thought I would share with you along the way.

I get articles from Everyday Health about diabetes and they can be helpful and encouraging.  They have a new app, “in check” that is helping to track primarily my carbs and calories.  It has been a life changer so far.  Clearly seeing the numbers, I see why I’ve put on an extra 10 pounds this year and I understand why America is so sick :-(.  So on to greater health for the rest of my life!